What Nevadans Need to See

Voters in Las Vegas and Reno need to see the difference between Kate Marshall and Michael Roberson.  Marshall wants to make the middle class first class while Roberson puts himself first.

  • As Treasurer, Marshall saved NV taxpayers millions during the recession
  • She started College Kickstart, providing every Nevada kindergartner with a college savings account at no taxpayer cost¬†
  • As Lt. Governor, Kate will work to open a retirement account for every Nevadan at no taxpayer cost, increase workforce development and apprenticeship programs, and work with the private sector to tackle affordable housing
  • Roberson has empowered lobbyists in Carson City and voted against transparency
  • After his election, Roberson's law firm lobbied the legislature, and Roberson sponsored bills that benefited clients of his firm


Updated October 12, 2018.