Senators Farley, Cannizzaro, and Woodhouse Endorse Kate Marshall for Nevada Lieutenant Governor


RENO, NV – Today the three State Senators being targeted by Minority Leader Michael Roberson in a partisan-driven recall endorsed former two-term State Treasurer Kate Marshall for Lieutenant Governor.

“Nevada is at a pivotal crossroads,” stated Senator Joyce Woodhouse. “Rather than follow the lead of Washington, we need leadership in Carson City willing and able to reach across the aisle for the benefit of all Nevadans. That’s why I’m proud to support Kate Marshall. She understands that elected office isn’t about scoring political points or advancing personal, partisan agendas; it’s about helping real people. As Lieutenant Governor, I know she’ll always put Nevada before politics.”

“As a small business owner, I want our next Lieutenant Governor to have the experience to identify economic opportunities for Nevada, the willingness to set personal politics aside for the greater good of our state, and the integrity to represent Nevada’s best interests instead of personal agendas,” said Senator Patricia Farley. “There’s only one candidate who has consistently proven that she has that ability, and that’s Kate Marshall. I’m proud to support her in her race for Lieutenant Governor.”

“We need leaders in Carson City who will focus on the best policies to move Nevada forward, instead of playing political games with our democracy,” Senator Nicole Cannizzaro said. “Kate has a long track record of leadership and public service.  She has been a champion for our public schools, and fought to make college more affordable for Nevada families. As a lifelong Nevadan and a product of Nevada’s public K-12 and higher education systems, I know how important those priorities are to the citizens of our state. She has proven her ability to govern fairly and effectively, which is why I’m so proud to support her for Lieutenant Governor.”

Kate Marshall added, “Nevada is fortunate to have the leadership of Senators Farley, Cannizzaro and Woodhouse. As Nevada’s Lieutenant Governor, I will seek out opportunities to continue to work with all elected officials to grow our economy, to invest in our communities, and to give a hand up for Nevada’s working families, not waste taxpayer dollars litigating unnecessary, partisan witch-hunts, which undermine the integrity of our government. I’m humbled to have them standing in my corner.”