Promoting Career and Technical Education

A post high school plan is a must for our children today, but college isn’t for everybody. Nor should it be. We should be providing our children with multiple pathways to a successful future. Partnering with organizations that already provide career and technical education to potential employees, who may be able to take their services into our schools with modern apprenticeship type programs that help our children gain transferable skills and create a pipeline of talent between our schools and our businesses is a great start for a new economy and a growing Nevada. Meeting the workforce demands of Nevada’s growing economy is important and we should make sure it’s our students filling that gap.

Supporting Public Education

As the first in my family to go to college, I understand the value of a good education. Nevada’s per pupil spending in public schools has consistently ranked among the lowest in the country. Ensuring that we continue to prioritize education in Carson City is essential for the future of Nevada. It’s also incumbent upon us to ensure that the 3% room tax allocated by Nevada’s voters in 2009 towards education and that the marijuana tax revenues we have collected since legalization go where they are supposed to go -to our schools, to our children, and thus to a better tomorrow for Nevada and Nevadans.