Attracting Good Paying Jobs to Nevada

As our economy has grown, wages have stagnated and even fell for some. Nevada’s families need an economy that works for them again. That means creating opportunities for small businesses, using the tools of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development more strategically to attract new business to Nevada, and to encourage our existing businesses to grow and expand. As your Lieutenant Governor I am committed to working to build an economy that works for everybody where it counts, at your kitchen table.

Access to Broadband

Across Nevada many communities still have limited or nonexistent broadband capabilities. In a digital world, this not only inhibits large swaths of our state from competing in a global economy, but also negatively impacts our schools, our children, and our educators. Broadband access has become more and more important for entrepreneurs, for job applicants, even for high school homework.  We must work together to close this digital divide.  Our rural communities deserve as much.

Helping Small Business

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. In order to help them thrive in an economic environment that often is more advantageous to large corporations, I propose setting up a program that offers employees of small businesses access to a voluntary, low cost, low risk retirement plan built on private sector solutions at no cost to small business owners or taxpayers.

According to the AARP, if retirees in Nevada saved only a $1,000 more a year, the state would save $24 million in Medicaid costs over 10 years. By allowing employees to set aside a small percentage of their monthly paycheck in an IRA account, employees will have more financial security and small businesses in Nevada will become more competitive.